Old Venetian Trade Routes.

On the way in Lombardy, from Bergamo to Chiavenna (Valtelina) via Lake Como

September 08th - 15th, 2018 

this hiking trip is fully booked

Given the demand for it, I would like to offer an additional opportunity: together with my son Sebastian Bestle, certified mountain hiking guide and child pedagogue.


I will do the tour also between                                                                                                                    September 28th - October 05th


Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 12

Applications will be processed immediately. Looking forward to your inquiry.

Bergamo, the city on the hill, with a view of the Po Valley, is the point of origin for the old trade road “Strada Priula”, which was established at the end of the 15th century to carry goods from Venice to Lake Como without passing through the duchy of Milano. The route “Strada Taverna” connects the villages higher up at the entrance of the valley of Brembana. This was not only a trading route but also served as access to the pastures of the semi-nomadic herdsmen. There is a long and fascinating history to these significant routes taking us through most diverse landscapes: from gentle hills around Bergamo we ascend through subalpine regions all the way up to reach the barren mountains of the Bergamascan Alps. On Lake Como we hike through forests of chestnuts and Mediterranean vegetation.

The proposed hiking period is a good choice because late summer still offers pleasant, warm temperatures while the clear air allows good, lucid vistas. The trails on this tour are easy to walk, consisting of footpaths through forests and meadows, old mule paths, and some alpine paths. When entering villages and towns, we are on tar roads.  Our daily hiking time amounts to five to eight hours distributed over the course of the day. A sure foot and the ability to confidently cross alpine inclines are mandatory. Physical fitness must be at a level that would allow the ascent of 300m (altitude) within an hour.

Cost 1100,00 €


Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 12

                                                                                                                                                              Deadline for registration is until the end May

Sebastian Bestle:

Since my early childhood my mother took me for hikes in the Alps. We spent most of our family summer vacations in the mountains and forests in alpine huts close to clear rivers. My siblings and I loved to explore the surrounding nature by damming up streams with wood and mud or by creating small huts with stones and sticks. This love for mountains and nature continued to grow. In every country I traveled, I grabbed my camping gear and explored the countryside by foot or bicycle. I like the challenge of hiking and cycling for weeks and being limited to the bare essentials. Every day is an adventure and you never know whom you are going to meet and where you are going to sleep.

My favorite destinations have been so far Australia and the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Over the last years, I spent quite a lot of time hiking through Morocco due to my travel agency Imouzzer Travel, which I founded with an Moroccan friend in 2014. Most of the year I live in Vienna where I work as a child pedagogue in a forest kindergarten.


Regina Kecht

loves to hike and spends much of her vacation time in the Austrian or Italian Alps. She got to know Klaudia by joining one of her guided tours in the Valle Maira. Regina will be serving as Klaudia’s “sous guide” on this trip and offer her language skills to assure smooth communication in the trilingual environment of Italian/German/English.

Regina spent almost 30 years in the US—teaching literature at the university level. Since 2009 she has been back in Austria enjoying the urban delights of Vienna.


Klaudia Bestle:

I love to explore new regions  and new landscapes by hiking, and I consider this passion something very special in my life.

In particular, I find it exciting to hike along old trails and be able to link my experience in the present to life in the past. Going on long (multi-day) tours is a challenge that is inspiring.

Therefore I developed the idea to share this experience with others and show them the amazing landscapes that I discovered while hiking.

In 2010 I established the travel agency "Sinnwandern: Das geführte Reisen zu Fuß" while still active in my job as a registered nurse. I decided to offer long tours based on my own experience and dreams. It is my energy, curiosity, courage, and my confidence in always finding solutions -- even when the destination seems impossible to reach -- that allow me to offer very special and memorable hiking experiences.


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